Location: Remote  || We run on US time & so do our clients.
Compensation Package: Base +Bonus ($45,000 base + ability earn $55,000 in bonus)

We want every long-term partner of ours to earn $100,000 every year within 18 months of hire.

Job Description:

You are going to do a little bit of everything, all with a smile and some hustle, and you’ll serve the needs of Process and Results as well as our growing roster of fantastic clients.

We need you to be technically skilled and savvy, with an eye for detail and a decent writer.  You need to be able to roll your sleeves up and do a lot of different things.

Some tasks that you could be doing:

  • Installing a script on a client-facing website.  (It’s easy, we’ll teach you)
  • Conducting a client interview.
  • Editing a blog post (and making a canva image for it)
  • Putting a blog post in a different place.
  • Updating process docs
  • Seeing if our clients are actually happy or just giving 5 stars to be polite.
  • Going through a CRM to make sure that everything is wired and plugged in.
  • Building a contact form with a contact form builder.

We want someone that’s fun, upbeat, with a good sense of humor and a “will do” attitude.

Client Results Coordinator Job Description:

You will do what’s right for our clients in all circumstances all of the time.  We are loyal and kind to our clients, and we choose our clients very carefully.  Because they are all great, we know that it’s safe to give them our best.  

You’ll be helping us market, and helping our clients with the same stuff.  You’ll work with us first and when we have perfect processes we will roll them out to our clients.


You need these skills (as a starting point) to work with us.

  • Excellent verbal and good to excellent written skills;
  • Will-do attitude;
  • Self-starter;
  • Coachable, trainable, and relentlessly want to get better;
  • Dedication to learning & personal development:
  • Know your way around a computer and the Internet, and have a desire to learn and use new software to increase your efficiency – not just for technology’s sake;
  • Gratitude for what you have;
  • Endlessly adaptable in a fast-paced sales environment.


(Please apply if you meet most of the requirements. Have confidence and apply because we want YOU!)

  • 1 year agency or creative or sales experience (we’re flexible).  Ability to show your tax returns.
  • Good professional network and multiple people that like you and trust you;
  • Ability to tailor programs to be exact fits for our clients – not just do what has always been done;
  • Ability to figure out how something can work – not just how it does work;
  • You have an office that can stage a completely professional looking Zoom call and internet with enough bandwidth to match.


  • Familiar with Google Analytics/Data Studio;
  • Familiar with Adsense/FB Ads;
  • Able to fluidly use tagging and list management in any CRM (we have to use a lot of CRMs);
  • Ability to manage your work and submit your daily action plans and prioritize work;
  • Ability to balance prospecting with closing activities.

Reading List:

Please be familiar with the basic concepts in these books when applying.  Better to have read them (and you’ll be better at selling).  We want people that can discuss this material intelligently.

  • The Checklist Manifesto. – Atul Gawande
  • Getting Things Done – David Allen
  • Start Finishing – Charlie Gilkey

When you have all of this stuff in place , please apply.

Promotion Path:

Promotes to operations manager.


We’re a fast-growing and faster-delivering startup that could be the last place you ever work.  Some benefits start day one, some benefits start a little farther down the road, but all happen within 6 months of working with us.

  • Competitive Salary – Obviously, as we need the best, we have to pay well.
  • Personal Development Allowance. We want you to grow with us and will pay for it.
  • Conference Allowance: You wanna go to a conference to improve yourself? Hell yes, go to a conference.  We’ll pick up the tab and hotel.
  • Mandatory fun: You can take days off generously – and you’ll have at a minimum 15 business days a year where you aren’t permitted to work (and we lock you out of the system because we will not have our best people burn out).

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