If your agency doesn’t always offer the following guarantees – to every customer, every time- maybe it’s time to look for a new agency.

When you become our client, this is our guarantee:

  1. 125% Guarantee: You will earn at least 125% of what you pay us within 125 calendar days or we will continue to work until you have.
  2. Profit Guaranteed: All the business we generate will be the type of business we agree you want.
  3. Information Guarantee: You’ll always know what now, what next, and when, and who has the ball.
  4. On Time, Guaranteed: We will deliver 100% of our work on our agreed deadlines, or we will offer you a refund PLUS $5,000 in cash.
  5. Subcontractor Guarantee: Whenever we choose to hire a subcontractor, the same rules apply: we don’t “blame our team” when something goes wrong, we only work with the people that share our standards.

How Can You Do This?

It’s simple.  We are picky about who we work with. Our clients apply to work with us and we talk a few times before we decide to make an offer.  We only work with people we are sure we can help, and we don’t let our prospects “rush the process.”

We help people that are in our wheelhouse.